Chimney Restoration Services, Inc. specializes in renovation, enlargement, lining, relining and restoration of commercial, historic and residential chimney stacks in service areas including Virginia, District of Columbia, Maryland, Pennsylvania and West Virginia.

Services and products include repair, renovation and enlargement of the interior of chimneys and stacks as well as the installation of stainless steel and poured masonry chimney lining systems from several manufacturers including AHRENS, Selkirk, Metal-Fab and others.  


The company was founded in 1986 and is currently celebrating twenty years in the industry. Our only business is chimneys and chimney stack restoration. We can provide a wide variety of services and products including inspection to determine the interior and exterior condition of a stack. We can configure and make sizing calculations for boiler flues, enlargement of chimney stack interiors as well as lining and relining of masonry chimneys using a variety of stainless steel and poured masonry chimney lining systems.

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